What is the Ankle Foot Maximizer?

AFX is unlike any other foot and ankle strengthening system on the market. Its patented technology offers:

Flexible Foot Support

Strong yet comfortable, the flexible foot support allows for complete engagement of the foot, ankle and lower-leg complex. It allows the user to arch or extend the foot and toes, strengthen intrinsic muscles, and does not slip.

Innovative Resistance System

A variety of resistance bands allow for complete, balanced strengthening (including toes) from early stage rehabilitation to high-performance athletic training. Toe resistance band is 2/3rds of the resistance going to mid-foot, which is the optimal strength ratio of toe flexion to plantar flexion.

Multi-Directional Strengthening

The AFX design allows you to strengthen through a complete range of motion, safely and effectively – something that weight-bearing devices and exercises can’t offer.

Functional Strengthening

AFX’s resistance system, foot support and multi-directional strengthening enable you to mirror movements that are specific to your sport or activity. It also allows for cutting-edge training techniques, including eccentric loading.

Superior Stretching

Feet and ankles need to be strong and have good mobility. AFX enables safe, user-controlled stretching through a complete range of motion.

Easy-To-Use and Portable

AFX has been designed with you in mind – just strap in and go! In a Customer Satisfaction Survey 100% of AFX users preferred our device over rubber bands.

Science & Engineering of AFX