AFX Technical Paper: Achilles Tendinosis/Tendinitis

Most common in sports requiring a lot of running, jumping and change of direction, Achilles tendinosis (aka. Achilles tendinitis) is one of the most challenging foot and ankle injuries from which to recover. In this Technical paper we explore the various causes, mechanism of injury, risk factors, prevention, and why eccentric loading is the gold standard of care. We’ve also added some easy-to-do exercises and stretches to keep you in the game, or improve your recovery if you have suffered an injury. Download the AFX Technical Paper – Achilles Tendinosis/Tedinitis pdf here.

3 Responses to “AFX Technical Paper: Achilles Tendinosis/Tendinitis”

  1. Dave says:

    Great paper, thank you for posting it and for creating such a great product – I LOVE MY AFX! I ruptured my Achilles over 3 years ago and even though I had “recovered”, I had no where near the flexibility that I had previously. I bought AFX in the summer and within a few weeks noticed a big difference, and since then have continued to improve. Thanks again.

  2. afx_update says:

    Hi Dave – thanks so much for taking the time to post on our site and for the awesome feedback about AFX, we’re really glad that it helped.

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