Fixing Your Feet: Ankle Sprains

AFX was recently featured in a blog on the website ‘’. Fixing Your Feet is the online home of John Vonhof, a medical professional and highly regarded authority on walking, running, hiking and endurance racing.

The blog is called ‘Ankle Sprains: Going Beyond R.I.C.E.’ and it is written by Timberly George, an endurance athlete and award-winning sports physiotherapist who practices at City Sports Physiotherapy. Timberly discusses the various grades of ankle sprains, why it is not wise to just ‘walk it off’, and provides various easy-to-follow exercises that you can do to get stronger and stay healthy.

To read Timberly’s article, visit Fixing Your Feet and for the our free AFX Ankle Sprain program and video, visit our Rehabilitation page here.

Thanks very much to Timberly and John for getting the word out that when it comes to ankle sprains, strengthening is key to making a full recovery and avoiding issues in the future.

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