What is Dynamic Balance and Why is it Important?

Dynamic balance is the ability to maintain balance while the body is in motion, which is critical for athletes, dancers, or people just going about their daily lives. Dynamic balance is also critical for improving agility, as it allows for a more efficient change in direction.

The dramatic improvements in multi-directional dynamic balance seen in the trial are a testament to the need for full range of motion exercise at the ankle joint. Traditional balance exercises are limited due to the lack of full range of motion exercise, but are good in the sense that they are often quite functional by virtue of their ability to simulate whole body movements in an off-balance position. By combining eccentric loading and full range of motion exercise with traditional balance exercises, balance can be optimized for any athlete.

Improved multi-directional balance also translates into a reduced risk for lateral ankle sprains, which account for nearly half of all injuries among competitive and recreational athletes. Athletes who participate in jumping and cutting activities like basketball, baseball, dance, tennis, football, soccer, and volleyball are especially at risk.

~ Rick Hall, M.Sc.

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