“I really like the AFX.  The ability to focus on specific muscles around the foot and ankle is very apparent and it’s much more user friendly than I had originally thought it would be.  Patients really like using it in the clinic as they report that they can feel what is happening around their ankle better than with other bands and tubes.  I’ve used it with a variety of different foot and ankle conditions and it’s been re-named ‘the accelerator’ around our office by one client who thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread!”
~ Timberly George, Sports Physiotherapist & Canadian Olympic Physio, City Sports & Physiotherapy

“Went for my very first hike in years today. My feet and legs were very happy. The strength that I experienced in the toe area allowed me to climb without the assistance of a stick or grabbing a bush. My feet and body thank you!” ~ Michelle C., long-time sufferer of chronic plantar fasciitis, claw toes and severe ankle pain

“Some of the main goals with ankle/foot rehab after injury are increasing strength and stability to improve performance and prevent re-injury. I have used the AFX in clinic with anyone from athletes to the general population and found it to be quite user friendly and particularly great at targeting key muscles with adequate resistance.  This has provided clients with a greater sense of strength gains over pre-existing strengthening methods.” ~Carrie Viola, Physiotherapist, City Sports & Physiotherapy

“I would rate the AFX a 10 out of 10.  In fact, the PT clinic at the hospital, where I am a patient, also thinks it is the greatest.   It allows for strength and flexibility in a range of motion surpassing any other product I know. I use AFX every other day and it’s simple and secure use makes old fashion tubing bands seem like black and white TV compared to HD.

I am very thankful for the product.  I had a severe calcaneous fracture and peroneal tendon injury and was given little hope of running again.   I am able to now run on my AlterG treadmill and hope to venture outdoors soon.  I owe a great deal of thanks to AFX.  It creates foot strength and flexibility that has no comparable product that I have found on the market today.”
~ Joe Laux, President, River States Truck and Trailer/Nationalease, La Crosse, WI

“I really like using the ankle maximizer. It’s more convenient than a band around a table leg, and I can really feel it working the correct areas in my ankle. It has been a safe way for me to rehab a bad sprain – it really helped increase my strength and stability.” ~ Maureen M., recovering from a bad ankle sprain

“Very clever design; the ability to work concentric and eccentric strength is a big advantage over existing modalities.” ~ Rick Celebrini, PhD, Physiotherapist

“I was struggling with plantar fasciitis for close to a year and had tried massage, physio and laser with limited results – but after 2 weeks working with the AFX and specific exercises, I saw amazing improvements and am finally back running again. Thank you!” ~ Tim C., Weekend Warrior comeback athlete