Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will using the AFX reduce my chances of getting an ankle sprain?

A1: Research studies have shown that weak ankles can significantly increase the likelihood of an ankle sprain. As a strengthening device, AFX can help strengthen your ankle by: 1) strengthening the muscles and tendons on either side of the ankle joint through a full range of motion, 2) improving the muscle’s ability to sense when it is off balance, and 3) improving the muscle’s ability to correct awkward ankle posture more quickly.

Q2: Can the AFX help to reduce my chances of getting plantar fasciitis?

A2: As a strengthening device, AFX enables you to strengthen the muscles under the arches of your feet that help support the plantar fascia. AFX also improves the other factors that lead to plantar fasciitis, including foot and ankle posture, and achilles tendon flexibility.

Q3: But I have access to elastic banding at the gym I go to. Can’t I just use that?

A3: Elastic banding and tubing are versatile and useful for rehabilitation. However, they have a number of disadvantages when it comes to foot and ankle strengthening. They can be:

Difficult to set-up and don’t stay secured on the foot during exercise;
Very difficult to create balanced strength between opposing muscle groups, and adjacent muscle groups in the kinetic chain;
Difficult to exercise all the movements of the foot and ankle, making programs complex and confusing; and
Less effective over time as the elastic stretches and resistance is lessened.

Q4: Can the AFX prevent shin splints?

A4: The majority of shin splint cases are caused by excess stress on the anterior tibialis muscle (i.e. the muscle on the front of your shin) and by a muscular imbalance between this muscle and the larger muscles on the back of the lower leg (the triceps surae group). The AFX can help strengthen these muscles, improve flexibility, and thereby, reduce the risk of injury.

Q5: I’m elderly and have trouble with my balance, and have been told by my doctor that I’m at risk for falling when I walk. Is there anything that the AFX can do to help me?

A5: The AFX has been designed so that it is easy to use for people of all ages. By strengthening the muscles of your feet and those that cross your ankle joint, your balance will improve.