Use the AFX, even if you ‘feel better’

Too often foot and ankle problems re-occur because people start feeling better and stop training. With the most prominent injuries and ailments, maintaining strength is key – so keep exercising!

Start slowly

If you suffer from recurring foot and ankle issues, be careful that, as you use the AFX, you don’t aggravate your condition. Pay close attention to how you are performing the exercises and watch for warnings like sharp pain, excessive soreness and swelling.

Focus on technique

The foot and ankle are among the most complex parts of the body. To maximize your benefit, focus on a full range of motion, flex the foot and toes, and stretch with every exercise.

Strive for balanced strength

Sometimes we are tempted to focus on exercises that directly impact our areas of weakness. But, like all other areas of the body, you want balanced strength and flexibility, so make sure you follow the complete training programs.


Make sure that you allow for one full day recovery after each training session. If your muscles are still sore or overly fatigued two days after a training session, it usually means that you are over-training.

Contact Us!

If you still have questions about how to use AFX after your purchase, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange for a FREE online video training session with one of our team.