The initial concept for the AFX was borne out of a practitioner’s frustration with the current standard of care for treating foot and ankle ailments and injuries.

Throughout the development of AFX, we worked closely with healthcare professionals from all areas of medicine, gathering their feedback, welcoming their critiques, and having them test prototypes in-clinic. We’re proud to say that these practitioners became our first customers when we launched the product.

To learn more about the science, research and engineering behind AFX, check out:

Our Technical Papers Section, which reviews that latest research on foot and ankle strengthening for injuries such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Achilles tendinosis, ankle sprains, etc.;

Our infographic ‘AFX By The Numbers‘ highlights clinical trial results and in-clinic testing; and,

The ‘Science of AFX‘ graphic details the innovative design features of AFX, allowing you & your patients to spend more time on quality exercises rather than constantly re-attaching rubber bands and repositioning.