“Very clever design; the ability to work concentric and eccentric strength is a big advantage over existing modalities.” ~ Rick Celebrini, PhD, Head Sports Medicine & Science, Vancouver Whitecaps FC & Former Chief Physical Therapist Vancouver Winter Olympics

“Immediately after my first session with the AFX, I could feel the muscles were doing a better job of supporting my left foot and ankle. I just felt straighter.”
~ Ben Rutledge, Olympic Gold Medalist & World Champion Rower

“Strong, functional feet are an integral part of the healthy human structure. Unfortunately many people lack the strength in the intrinsic foot musculature to even support their own bodyweight. I believe the AFX is an invaluable tool for full-body performance programs and effective posture management.”
~ Rob Williams, Kinesiologist and Posture Specialist, President ­ Williams Health Group

As a Scientist and an Engineer, I believe that AFX is the tool of choice because it allows you to work through the full range of motion in multiple plains, and has resistance levels for all fitness levels. Plus, AFX has done the independent research and shown that it can significantly improve balance, agility and explosiveness, all of which are critical for Martial Arts and MMA.”
~ Geoff Desmoulin, BSc, MSc, PhD (Candidate), Co-host & Biomechanics Expert, Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior”.

“I was very impressed with the results that our athletes showed over the testing period while using the AFX. Not only did the athletes show great gains from a physiological standpoint but I believe it also played a major factor in injury prevention. This is a product that we will definitely incorporate in to our training regime.” ~ Kevin Hansen, MSc (Kines) University of British Columbia,  Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

“Who can argue with results? If you are a competitive person, you are looking to get an edge and the AFX can give you one.”
~ Scott Clark, Simon Fraser University, Head Coach, Men’s Basketball