Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is strengthening the toes really that important?

A1: The muscles that control movements of the toes are known as intrinsic foot muscles. They are very important because they play a major role in:

  • Supporting the arch of the foot;
  • Foot posture;
  • Balance;
  • Shock absorption; and
  • Efficient force transfer to the ground during running and jumping activities.

Strengthening the toes can improve performance and balance, while reducing the chance of injuries and ailments.

Q2: I already train barefoot. How can AFX help me?

A2: Training barefoot is a step in the right direction and AFX can compliment your routine. Using AFX helps strengthen the entire foot and ankle complex through a full range of motion – including more extreme positions that you can’t strengthen while doing weight-bearing exercises. Plus, the innovative resistance system allows you to conduct advanced training programs such as eccentric loading and fast concentrics.

Q3: I already train by doing calf raises and exercise on wobble boards. Isn’t that good enough?

A3: Calf raises and wobble boards are good training tools, but they do little to exercise the intrinsic foot muscles and the ankle stabilizer muscles. As a result, when your foot and ankle are put into more extreme positions during activity, you won’t have the strength to stabilize yourself and an injury may occur, or you may not be able to change direction as effectively. We recommend using AFX in combination with wobble boards, and other balance devices such as Bosu™, to maximize lower-body stability, athletic performance, and reduce risk for injury.

Q4: What can AFX do for my athletic performance? How long will it take?

A4: Research on elite athletes has shown that using AFX three times a week for 12-15 minutes each session will improve performance in vertical jump, agility, and balance within 6 weeks, with dramatic improvements after 12 weeks.