Use the AFX

It seems obvious, but too often training equipment ends up collecting dust in a corner. The AFX team wants you to achieve your goals, so we will provide you with the latest dynamic and effective training programs. If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we’ll arrange for a FREE, one-on-one online video training session with one of our team.

Start slowly

For most people, AFX helps strengthen muscles that you rarely use, so while you might be tempted to ‘go hard’ right away, start gradually and build-up over time.

Focus on technique

The foot and ankle are among the most complex parts of the body. To maximize your benefit, focus on a full range of motion, flex the foot and toes, and stretch with every exercise.

Get creative

Once you are comfortable with the regular AFX training programs, try advanced methods like eccentric loading and high-speed concentric movements, as well as weight-bearing exercises on stability platforms, and plyometrics.


Make sure that you allow for one full day recovery after each training session. If your muscles are still sore or overly fatigued two days after a training session, it usually means that you are over-training.