The initial concept for the AFX was borne out of a practitioner’s frustration with the current standard of foot and ankle care.

However, it wasn’t long into the development process that we realized the AFX had exciting potential as an athletic training device, especially when used in combination with stability platforms and with plyometrics.

To learn more about the science, research and engineering behind AFX, check out:

Our AFX Technical Paper – Athletic Performance, which covers the latest research on foot and ankle strengthening for improving athletic performance, including our own clinical trial where over a 12-week period, University Varsity Men’s Basketball players had a significant increase in their balance, their agility, and their 1-step vertical improved by just over 3 inches;

Our infographic ‘AFX By The Numbers‘ which highlights clinical trial results, in-clinic testing and our customer satisfaction (hint: it’s greater than 98%); and,

The ‘Science of AFX‘ graphic which details the innovative design features of AFX that makes it effective and easy to use.