Who is using AFX?

Athletes to physiotherapists to weekend warriors are beginning to discover the power of AFX. While positive test results have convinced professional athletic trainers that foot and ankle training is critical to better performance, AFX has also made its way into many clinics and rehabilitation practices.

“As an athletic development coach who works with professional athletes on a daily basis, the AFX has been a great tool to have at my disposal for strengthening the lower extremity musculature. It’s been especially helpful in correcting muscle imbalances that might negatively affect foot strike patterns in gait as well as strengthening and stretching the ankle and foot following an injury.”
– Michael Young, PhD, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Vancouver Whitecaps / HPC-Athletic Lab

“AFX was an important tool to help me recover from my plantar fascia rupture only one year out from the 2008 Olympic Games where I broke the Canadian record and placed 5th. lt’s a smart tool for any
athlete that uses their feet!”
– Jessica Zelinka, Heptathlete, Pan-Am Games Gold Medalist, Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist, Olympian

“Foot and ankle injuries are a huge problem in professional and amateur sports. The AFX is the only product out there that allows for complete foot and ankle strengthening.”
– Scott McCullough, MSc, NBA Athletic Trainer – Toronto Raptors

“AFX is an absolute must-have tool for those who struggle with foot, leg and hip issues, those who are transitioning to minimalist shoes and anyone who wants to improve their form authentically. It is an easy-to-use, well-designed multi-tasking tool that encourages greater stability in your stride.”
– Jenny Hadfield, MSc., Running Expert, Author (Marathoning For Mortals, Running For Mortals), Columnist (Runners World, Women’s Running)

The AFX is a great tool to help with my snowboarding and skateboarding. It gives me power, flexibility and great strength for balance. Using it has helped prevent injuries and also regain strength from previous ankle injuries. It is an excellent foot & ankle warm-up, I also use it to stretch after riding. It’s great because it’s easy to use and easy to travel with, giving me the strength I need to stay comfortable on my snowboard.”
– Simon Chamberlain, Pro Snowboarder, Jibfest Champion & X-Games Medalist

“I use AFX for stretching my lower leg and ankle muscles.  It allows me control that I cannot find using any other method. It also allows me to strengthen only the muscles I want to target; I haven’t found anything else that will do that. It is really compact and easy to travel with so I can take it with me where ever I am competing.”
– Lorene Hatelt, 8-time World Triathlete champion, a Paralympian, Certified Triathlon Coach

“An effective athletic movement strategy begins with optimal body position. Conversely, faulty body alignment creates faulty movement, which diminishes performance and increases risk of injury. The AFX is the best training device I’ve found for progressive conditioning of the feet and lower legs to support neutral posture.“
– Rob Williams, Kinesiologist and Medical Exercise Specialist, Exceed Athletic Performance