Why use AFX?

AFX was borne out of frustration with current foot and ankle strengthening methods. Rubber band and towel exercises are cumbersome,  while balance boards and stability platforms have limited use for ankle strengthening, and do little for the feet.  The easy-to-use AFX system actively engages the muscles of the foot and ankle, while still providing a wide range of resistance to meet everyone’s needs.

If you’ve suffered from a sprain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or a broken bone, AFX provides a strengthening system that can be used throughout your rehabilitation. You can increase resistance as your strength increases, while maintaining a full range of motion.

AFX offers athletes and active individuals a hidden source of strength. Your feet and ankles are a critical, though underappreciated part of athletic performance. By strengthening them, you decrease your risk of injury, and dramatically improve your jumping ability, speed, balance and agility.

Stats & Facts about AFX