AFX Sponsors BC Endurance Project

We are pleased to announce that AFX has been named an Official Supplier of the BC Endurance Project (BCEP), a newly formed team of elite distance runners that includes Olympians, National Record Holders, Cross Country and Marathon Champions. The runners of BCEP train at the highest level and rack up significant mileage each week. It is an amazing opportunity for us to showcase how AFX can keep these runners injury free and performing at their best. Details on the announcement can be found in our News Release: AFX Sponsors BCEP.

Additional information on the BC Endurance Project can be found at: BC Endurance Project.

One Response to “AFX Sponsors BC Endurance Project”

  1. Frank Cook says:

    By way of background, I’m 75 years old and still running, though only modest distances and paces. A while back, I thought I was permanently grounded by sprained ankles and complications from my feet always rolling severely outward. I tried wobble boards, one-legged balance, and TheraBand exercises and was quite diligent about it. But it didn’t help measurably. That’s when I got the AFX (a couple of years ago) and it made all the difference.

    Running is very important to me, because that’s how I keep my blood pressure in check. So, for me, the benefit of AFX is more that just the fun of running.

    Best regards,
    Frank Cook

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